Power Interconnector project: Addressing Zambia’s power shortages

Zambia has been granted €4million from The European Union (EU) – and with the assistance of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) – for the implementation of a power interconnector project with Kenya and Tanzania.

The power interconnector project is expected to help ease the power deficit in the region once completed.

The aim of the power interconnector project

The general objective of the project is to increase transit capacities and flexibility of operation of the Kenya – Tanzania 400kv interconnection grids as well as to improve sustainable electricity supply in Kenya, Tanzania and the East Africa Power Pool (EAPP).

The interconnection project will enhance economic and social development in the region by improving quality and increasing energy availability. The project will provide a more sustainable energy supply for both countries and will increase power supplies to areas with deficient electricity.

Furthermore, the project will help in reducing the duration and frequency of power interruptions. It will also help in reducing power system and technical losses to meet the existing and increasing power demand in the whole area.

Addressing Zambia’s Power Shortage
The power interconnector project

The grant is expected improve sustainable electricity across Zambia and address the power deficit challenges in the country. Once this has been achieved, the county is then expected to explore the option of exporting surplus power to neighboring countries across East Africa.

Zambia has contracted two international companies (from the US and Turkey) to begin inland power generation projects.