With Africa joining efforts to transition to clean energy, the renewable energy job market is heating up and 2022 will see more people employed in the renewables industry than ever before. Here we look at the most in-demand jobs in the renewable energy sector on the continent this year.

Hottest renewable energy jobs in Africa in 2022

Construction Managers

Construction managers are invaluable in the green energy sector due to their expertise in managing the building of large-scale projects, and so are necessary for the construction of wind farms, solar farms. Project Manager job roles in the industry typically require construction manager experience, as they have specialised project management skills and can provide technical consulting. These are individuals with a unique blend of expertise in construction and safety and coordinating projects to ensure they are completed on schedule and within budget. There is therefore a high demand for this skill in the clean energy sector and this will continue to be the case in 2022 as more projects get underway in African countries.

Legal Advisers

As the clean energy industry booms, legal skills are becoming scarce and critical. The demand for legal talent is high and will only grow throughout 2022 as more and more energy projects spring up on the continent and require Legal Advisors. Renewable energy providers and companies with ESG goals need individuals with legal know-how to ensure they are always meeting regulations and to help them navigate deals, investments, tax deals, and various other aspects of starting, building, and running projects.  

Business Development Roles

There is a high demand for skills relating to Business Development in the alternative energy sector, including:

  • Project Developers
  • Sales Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • ESG management roles, including Community Managers, Compliance Managers, and Social Officers.

Individuals with expertise in any of these fields will find an increasing number of opportunities in the renewables industry this year, as more companies and projects seek candidates to help them locate opportunities, identify clients, liaise with developers, and advance and complete projects.   

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