German architect André Broessel has created a spherical sun-tracking solar energy-generating globe said to lead the way with renewable energy innovations and interventions.

In blatant terms one can describe it as a massive glass marble on a robotic steel frame. This might look like a toy, but in actual fact it’s a rather serious and innovative creation with the ability to concentrate both sunlight and moonlight up to 10,000 times, making its solar harvesting abilities 35% more resourceful than conventional dual-axis designs.

So who is this innovator? Creator? Genius?

He goes by the name of André Broessel, a German architect who was a finalist in the World Technology Network Award 2013 with the globe’s design. His latest innovative campaign is described as something out of a superhero movie.  This single standing energy generator if nothing else besides efficient, is much more attractive and pleasing to the eye than your generic photovoltaic solar panel.

How this glass sphere works…

The rotating glass orb brings in energy from the sun and concentrates it onto a small surface of tiny solar panels. The ball lens is able to concentrate and diffuse light on one small focal point, making it more sustainable (less material used to create solar cells, most of which are made from crystalline silicon) and more efficient.  Furthermore, because of the built-in weather tracking system, this invention is not affected negatively by poor weather.

The device will provide valuable developments to the Renewable Energy Sector in a way that lessens the effects of man-made climate change, aka global warming. The amount of energy solar panels can derive from the sun is low compared to the energy that the sun can actually produce which is why a device that can better concentrate the sun’s energy would be widely accepted. Or perhaps even needed.

Broessel’s device is not yet available in the market. He is trying to raise $120,000 for further testing.


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