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Highway Engineering is an engineering discipline branching from civil engineering. To ensure safe and effective transportation of people and goods, Highway Engineering involves the following for roads, bridges and tunnels:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Operation
  • Maintenance

Standards of highway engineering are continuously changing, to ensure that the latest safety standards are being utilised. For us to be able to enjoy commuting on safe roads and across high brides, etc., Highway Engineers take into account things like future traffic flows, design of highway intersections/interchanges, geometric alignment and design, highway pavement materials and design, structural design of pavement thickness, and pavement maintenance.

Example of Road Engineers’ contribution, in South Africa
Nelson Mandela Bridge
  • Built in Johannesburg, South Africa, The Nelson Mandela Bridge, which cost R38 million to erect, is the largest cable-stayed bridge in southern Africa.
  • It took 4 000 cubic meters of concrete, 1 000 tons of structural steel and 500 tons of construction steel to realise the seemingly weightless pinnacle that gleams with the promise of the new.
  • The bridge is 284 meters long, 42 meters high at the north pylon and 27 meters high at the south pylon.
  • It accommodates two lanes of traffic in either direction, as well as reserved lanes for pedestrians and cyclists. Rumbling beneath are over 40 train tracks as the bridge is located in the commuter hub of Johannesburg.


Famous South African Road Engineers
Thomas Bain

Thomas Charles John Bain was a South African Road Engineer, considered by most to be a pioneer in road-building. Bain was responsible for the planning and construction of more than 900 km of roads and mountain passes, many of them still in use today, over a career spanning 40 years.

 Andrew Geddes Bain

Bain’s father, Andrew Geddes Bain, was born in Scotland and settled in the Cape Colony in 1816 at the age of 19.

Pictured above: The Bain’s Kloof Pass: Named after the Engineer who built it – Andrew Geddes Bain, and not after his more famous son Thomas Bain who followed in his footsteps.  

The pass lies between the Boland towns of Wellington and Ceres and it snakes through a ravine with views of beautiful rock formations and deep gorges.

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