Could this be the solution to South Africa’s power shortage?

If you don’t already know, South Africa is currently experiencing critical shortages in electricity and are subject to regular load shedding implemented daily, at an average of 2 hours at a time, throughout the country, as a solution to relieve the national power grids.

The effect of the load shedding has had a significant impact not only on businesses but also on the country’s output. Once load shedding occurs in a particular area, businesses cease to operate, traffic lights stop working and life as we know it comes to a standstill.

Those who can afford to have opted to purchase generators which allow business to continue but with limited functionality.

The solution to the power shortage

There are current talks underway that will hopefully be a more sustainable solution to South Africa’s power shortage. The solution being considered is to take advantage of lower global gas prices and kick-start the development of gas infrastructure in South Africa. This will be achieved by piping or importing liquefied natural gas. Basically, power generating ships or barges will dock at South African ports and supply electricity to the national grid.

According to a senior government official, South Africa is also fast-tracking renewable energy projects that will add about 1,000 MW of power to its ailing grid.


Is this solution realistic?

What other options of power generation can you suggest for South Africa?