Contract Payroll Packages

CA Engineering offers payroll solutions for Expatriates and Contractors in Africa. CA Engineering can offer the following additional payroll solutions in Africa with regards to: Tax compliance, Medical Cover, Evacuation Cover and Liability Insurance.

Outsourcing contractor payroll provides companies with a cost effective, highly efficient and tailored solution. Organisations may require the use of a third parties in-country presence to aid their own development. This provides the organisation with a facility to ensure all immigration compliance and payroll matters are done, allowing a business to develop with peace of mind that the contractor representing your company is fully compliant.

Africa HR offer Expat Africa Payroll Solutions to employ contractors for your company’s needs in over 35 African countries. We are able to manage the immigration formalities of the client and payroll the client each month to ensure all statutory taxes are paid to the local authorities.

  • Immigration (Sponsorship, business visa and Work permit)
  • Local Payroll, 100% tax compliance
  • Contractor and employment solutions
  • Offshore payroll and Offshore payments
  • Medical and repatriation insurance
  • Death and Disability insurance
  • Local services (Meet and Greet)

We are the complete African payroll solution for any organisation operating in Africa. Serving multinationals across all industries we are able to ensure that your African operation is done so with the same compliance and professional service as on any other continent.