Central Africa

angola_enginerring Angola equatorial_guineaeng Equatorial
cameroonneg Cameroon gaboneng Gabon
centralafricareoubliceng Central Africa Republic republicofthecongoeng Republic of Congo
chadeng Chad tomeeng Sao Tomé and Principe
drceng Democratic Republic
of Congo

Central Africa hosts 5% of construction projects in valued at US$ 15.3 billion although it is unstable politically.  Central Africa has abundant hydro-electric resources due to rivers that run through the region. Energy from these hydro powers has been converted to low voltage power line in Congo.


Global Energy Consumption on the Rise

According to the International Energy Agency’s latest assessment of global energy consumption and energy-related CO2 emissions, global energy demand has grown at the fastest ever rate worldwide. About the Report: The Global Energy & CO2 Status Report provides a...

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