Not many people understand that the Engineering sector is actually more complex than just to include Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Civil Engineers. Within the Engineering sector in Africa, amongst those in the know, there are many sub-domains and niche markets within which lie skilled individuals that perform very interesting duties. For instance, within the Engineering sector in Africa, you have Hydro Power Jobs, Transmission and Distribution Jobs, Renewable Energy Jobs, PowerGen Jobs, Construction Jobs, Solar Energy Jobs and the list goes on, to include Mining Engineering as well as Oil & Gas Engineering jobs.

Transmission and Distribution Engineers in Africa: What do they do?

A Transmission Engineer is a type of Electrical Engineer. Transmission Engineers generally work for electrical power companies and depending on which sector in the electrical power generation industry they work, they will have a different job title.

Transmission Design Engineers

Transmission Design Engineers (Also known as Wind-Energy Engineers) are employed in the wind-power generation industry. Transmission Design Engineers design and test wind turbines and all the electrical components that power them as well as assist with the planning the layout of wind farms and the determining of the optimal placement of farms by means of estimating wind speed and direction.

Transmission Planning Engineers

Transmission Planning Engineers are Electrical Engineers who design electrical transmission systems. They determine how many electrical substations are needed in order to properly transmit the correct amount of energy to a given number of consumers. They also study existing power transmission systems to determine how they can best be expanded as well as test power lines and transmission equipment to determine how they perform under specific conditions.

Transmission and Distribution Jobs in Africa: Apply NOW

We have received a few Transmission and Distribution Jobs in Africa which I would like all qualified individuals to apply for.

One client in particular, is a global player in the Engineering Industry, looking for a Team Leader in Afghanistan. The company is well-known for providing consultancy services to major international infrastructure projects. They cover projects in a wide range of sectors within the industry, including Hydropower, Water and Environment, Mining, Oil and Gas as well as Transport to name a few. This is the opportunity that has been waiting for you if you are looking to join a first-class global engineering consulting firm!

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