Indian Ocean

Several countries in the Indian Ocean endure insufficient power distribution and generation. The access to cost-efficient hydropower
is low in coastal and island regions and combinations of different renewable energy sources will play an
increasingly important role. Tidal and Ocean current power is of interest in this region and may be the solution to insufficient power generation.

Cape Town Airport gets a revamp

Cape Town Airport gets a revamp Cape Town, South Africa’s airport is getting a massive facelift as a result of the influx of passengers and flights to the city. It is no surprise that Cape Town’s airport is receiving a massive upgrade. The company was named Africa’s...

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African Free Trade Agreement in the Works

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has agreed to sign a $3-trillion African free trade agreement, Africa’s signature policy reform of 2018. Initially, Nigeria refused the agreement for a continental free trade area (CFTA), saying that they wish to defend their own...

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