Central Africa

angola_enginerring Angola equatorial_guineaeng Equatorial
cameroonneg Cameroon gaboneng Gabon
centralafricareoubliceng Central Africa Republic republicofthecongoeng Republic of Congo
chadeng Chad tomeeng Sao Tomé and Principe
drceng Democratic Republic
of Congo

Central Africa hosts 5% of construction projects in valued at US$ 15.3 billion although it is unstable politically.  Central Africa has abundant hydro-electric resources due to rivers that run through the region. Energy from these hydro powers has been converted to low voltage power line in Congo.


Cape Town Airport gets a revamp

Cape Town Airport gets a revamp Cape Town, South Africa’s airport is getting a massive facelift as a result of the influx of passengers and flights to the city. It is no surprise that Cape Town’s airport is receiving a massive upgrade. The company was named Africa’s...

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African Free Trade Agreement in the Works

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has agreed to sign a $3-trillion African free trade agreement, Africa’s signature policy reform of 2018. Initially, Nigeria refused the agreement for a continental free trade area (CFTA), saying that they wish to defend their own...

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